Cricket 100 Run Streak

Whether you are watching a cricket game or looking at the stats, scoring 50 or more runs consistently is an impressive feat. Obviously, it takes exceptional skills and talent from the batter. This is an important statistic to keep an eye on, especially in limited-overs cricket. There are a lot of players who have hit the 50-run mark, but not all have done it consistently. Here are a few players who have reached the milestone in the last few years. Hashim Amla has scored four hundreds in five ODIs since December. He has also had a dazzling ODI career. In his first four years, Amla averaged 63. Before that, he had only reached 130 once. The South African has a strike rate of 94. He has struck at least 50 runs in each of his last six ODIs. Jonny Bairstow has not been dismissed for less than 106 in the last five Test innings. His 71 not out against New Zealand in the third Test was his fifth consecutive fifty and the sixth time he has not been dismissed for less than a hundred in a Test. His 197-ball partnership with Joe Root for 150 was the longest in Test history. He has also scored at least 50 runs in each of his last three matches against India. Jimmy Anderson is the sixth player to complete a treble in Tests. He has also been the fastest to reach the half-century mark in Tests.

Army Navy Game Score 2022 Football

Despite the fact that Army and Navy haven't changed their strategies in almost a century, there are some notable differences between the two teams. For instance, the Black Knights and Blue Angels have both won their first games of the season, but they haven't done so with the score of 9-6. While it may be difficult to predict which team will emerge on top, it's clear that the two teams will battle it out in a low-scoring affair. Both teams will try to outshine the other on the ground, with special teams helping each to gain an advantage. The first quarter ended with a scoreless tie. But the second quarter opened with the first points of the game. Navy's Zach Hall rushed for 77 yards in the third quarter. He tacked on another 25 yards on a touchdown run in the ensuing overtime period. The Black Knights sprinted to a 7-3 lead before a fumble at the goal line forced the game into double overtime. A field goal followed. The Black Knights then went to work on the other end. The Army defense sacked quarterback Tyler Arline for a loss of a yard. In the end, Army scored the first TD of the game, which came on a 25-yard run by Markel Johnson. That was the most impressive feat of the game. But the Navy defense showed the Black Knights who was in charge in the red zone. The defense turned up the heat on a pair of straight three-and-outs, aided by some very good play by nose tackle Darius Richardson.

12 Days of Nintendo Switch Games

During the holiday season, Best Buy has been hosting a video game sale each day. The 12 Days of Gaming event kicked off December 5 and ends on December 10. The sale features one deal per day and also offers free games. During the event, a new game is revealed at 9 a.m. CET and users will need to have a newsletter sign-up to claim the aforementioned freebie. No Gravity Games has a promotion promoting a free game for the Nintendo Switch. The promotion is limited to accounts in the Americas region. The company is promoting the aforementioned gimmick by giving out up to twelve free games. No Gravity Games is a video game publisher and also specializes in constructing game value. The company is celebrating the 12 Days of Nintendo Switch by releasing a free game each day. The best part is that the game can be redeemed and a permanent one is given to the lucky subscriber. The company has even mentioned that if you miss out on a day's free game, the next day's will be discounted by a significant amount. The 12 Games of Christmas is a great way to get the holiday season started early. The event is only available in North America eShop accounts. The company is also promoting the aforementioned gimmick with a giveaway for their newsletter subscribers. The aforementioned gimmick has a lot to do with the fact that No Gravity Games is giving away a free game every day for 12 days. The aforementioned free game is the Pirates: All Aboard!


Using smart glasses has many benefits. They improve safety, compliance, and accuracy, as well as enhance collaboration and quality control. Several industries are benefiting from the technology, including aerospace and automotive manufacturers. One of the most prominent applications of smartglasses is video collaboration. It allows users to watch videos and listen to a speaker without touching their devices. It also provides text-based translation of conversations. It is easier to follow along than pressing buttons, and it helps keep eye contact with others. Another use is in field service. For example, a field worker can easily access equipment in a warehouse, as long as the smart glasses have a corrective lens. It can also help travelers stay on course by providing visual directions to a specific venue. It eliminates the need to pull out a map to find the address. Assistive technology company Vuzix has introduced three products in the market. These include the VFX1 headset, which could play stereoscopic 3D 360deg videos. The Vue Lite headphones, on the other hand, are lighter than the standard VFX headsets, but they still have bone conduction tech for tracking basic activity. In the case of NuEyes, the first wireless, hands-free low vision aids, the device replicates a person's natural sight. It can be paired with voice-activated controls for the user's convenience. The devices can also be customized according to the user's visual needs. Caregiver feedback has been positive. A sequential sample of 21 people with clinically diagnosed ASD (autism spectrum disorder) were recruited from Web-based signup forms. They represented a diverse demographic, and all showed tolerability.

Playstation Blog

Among the myriad gaming sites out there, the PlayStation Blog has a monopoly on the hottest games and the hottest developers. Aside from gaming news, the site also serves as a conduit for major announcements by Sony. The PlayStation Blog has undergone a few tweaks and updates in the past couple of months. For starters, the PlayStation Blog has a drop down menu at the top of the page. Traditionally, this is used to display a region specific URL. This allows the PlayStation Blog to cater to the needs of its global fans. In particular, the site features the latest and greatest games in the PS4 line-up. The PlayStation Blog has two main sections, one for English speaking gamers and another for those with a more regional bent. In addition to the main site, the company also offers international versions of the site. Several months ago, the US and European PlayStation Blogs were merged into a single source of game information. This move allowed the company to streamline its message to its fans. Aside from the main site, the company also provides a YouTube channel for its players in the UK. In addition to displaying gameplay demos of upcoming PlayStation titles, the channel also has a few humorous videos. The video omo is also a great way to find out what the PS4's latest ad campaigns are all about. It's a fun way to get to know the team behind your favorite title.

Is smart glasses use for Metaverse?

Yes, Obviously the smart glasses use for the Metaverse as well.

What is Yorker?

In cricket, A Yorker is a ball bowled which hits the edge of cricket pitch around the batsman’s feet.

Does Nintendo Switch Support GTA V?

No, Nintendo switch doesn’t support GTA V.

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