The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf changed the venue of their public meeting to VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot, following advice from the district administration. As the CTI Ground is owned by the American Mission and specifically designated for Christian worship, it is unacceptable to hold public meetings at this venue. However, the PTI has since apologized for this decision and the local community is understandably appalled. This article explores the history, security, and Christian community of the ground.


The history of VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot can be traced back to the Jinnah Stadium, which was formerly called Connelly Park. This stadium was named after the British Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot, Mr. Connelly. He played a crucial role in the development of the city and it was named after him.

The local Christian community was against the rally at the ground and filed a petition in the high court. The court ordered the rally to be halted and the Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot to consult the parties to reach a conclusion. The political party’s leaders acknowledged that the ground belonged to the Christian community and apologized. The ground has since been cleared for religious ceremonies and other public gatherings. The future of the ground is unknown but its history is interesting.

The PTI leader Shahbaz Gill wants to file a FIR against the DPO of Sialkot Hasan Iqbal for failing to provide security to Imran Khan during the rally. The PTI was forced to conduct its jalsa at the VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot after authorities refused to allow it at the CTI Ground. As a result, police fired tear gas and charged at the PTI activists.

The PTI has also changed the venue of the rally in Sialkot after the Christian community objected. After police stopped PTI workers from erecting structures at the CTI ground, the PTI decided to hold the rally at the VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot, which is five kilometers away. However, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the PTI’s decision to use the CTI ground for their rally. The police fired tear gas and baton-charged PTI activists, but they did not receive permission to do so.


The PTI has changed the location of their rally to the VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot after clashes broke out between its supporters and police. It had earlier chosen the CTI ground, which belonged to the Christian community, but the Christian community has now refused to let PTI use the site. The PTI has demanded fresh elections. In an effort to stop the clashes, Imran Khan tweeted about the rally.

The PTI will hold a public meeting in Sialkot on Sunday. The meeting will feature the former prime minister, Imran Khan. A full security cover is being provided at the venue for the event. The stadium VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot is located at the center of Sialkot, which is the main city of Punjab. The PTI will hold its public meeting at the VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot, where they will address a crowd of hundreds of people.

The Christian community has also filed a petition in the high court against the rally. The DPO explained that the ground belongs to a Christian community, and the Christian community had objected to the rally. The police used tear gas and batons to disperse the crowd. PTI activists, including Usman Dar, were arrested. The DPO has denied the charges against the Christian community, but said the PTI will continue its rally in the same location.


The Jinnah Stadium has been hosting international cricket tournaments since the early 1980s. VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot was previously called Connelly Park. This park features several high-end amenities and excellent security. The secluded location allows spectators to enjoy the game without worrying about safety. A VIP section guards the field. In addition to the security and safety, the venue offers a world-class viewing experience.

The security is one of the main concerns, and has been raised by some locals. The PTI members who were at the VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot on Wednesday said the stadium was a safe place. However, the owners of the ground are not pleased with the PTI rally and have asked the district administration to move it to another location. The Sialkot DPO said that security is still an issue, but he believes that the PTI’s actions have only angered the local minority community.

Initially, the PTI had chosen the CTI ground for its rally, but was forced to change it to the VIP cricket ground on advice from the district administration. The CTI ground, which is owned by the Christian community, is also sensitive, as it is a place of worship. However, the Christian community protested against the PTI using the land for political purposes. The PTI has yet to announce the date of its rally, but it is likely that it will hold the rally at the VIP cricket ground Sialkot.

Christian community

A rally in favour of the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party on Friday was stopped by the district administration after a petition was filed by the local Christian community. The petitioners had claimed that the ground is a place of religious sanctity for the Christian community, and that holding a political gathering on its premises would hurt the religious sentiments of the community and result in a law and order situation.

In order to avoid any confusion, the PTI leadership changed the venue of the rally from the CTI ground to the VIP cricket ground Sialkot. The Christian community had refused to allow the PTI to hold a rally on its land, and it was even interrupted by police, who were preventing the PTI workers from preparing the venue. The Christian community had filed a petition in the Lahore High Court, which denied the PTI the permission to hold a public gathering on their land.

The PTI leadership claimed they had no permission to use the ground, and that the Christian community had been protesting the rally. This was not true, as the local administration had previously allowed the PTI to use the city cricket ground. The Christian community had a right to protest, and they were being targeted by the PTI. The local authorities also claimed that the Christian community had been associated with the PTI, but the PTI leadership denied this and demanded the release of their workers.

The Christian community also demanded the release of all the PTI workers, who were arrested by the police. However, when the PTI workers tried to rally in VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot, the police ordered them to leave the premises and beat them with batons and tear gas. Police arrested Usman Dar and others, as well as two other members of the Christian community. When asked about the arrests, the police responded that they were only following court orders.

Security arrangements

The security arrangements at the VIP cricket ground Sialkot have raised questions about the state’s stance toward the PTI. According to the DPO of Sialkot, the venue is owned by the Presbyterian American society, and the PTI questioned if the state would support them or other groups without the proper permission. A similar scenario has also been witnessed in the city of Quetta. The city has also witnessed violence between rival political parties.

The stadium has been divided into eight security zones, with a DSP level officer in charge of each. Security has been provided by the PCA in collaboration with the Punjab Police. Moreover, the stadium is surrounded by two fire brigades on round-the-clock duty and two reserve police battalions for tomorrow. The security forces will also be supported by tear-gas squads and reserve police battalions.

The DPO of Sialkot also said that security arrangements at the VIP cricket ground Sialkot would be high. The PTI is planning a rally in the city, but the police have prevented its workers from preparing the ground. It was also reported that a minority community is protesting against the PTI’s use of the church’s land for political purposes. On Thursday, Sialkot District Police Officer (DPO) announced that security arrangements at the VIP cricket ground were full and that no protestor would be allowed to enter the ground.

The PTI has called for a peaceful rally at the VIP Cricket Ground Sialkot. The rally is slated for April 16, which is the last Friday of the month. It is hoped that the PTI supporters can make it to the stadium. As the election is fast approaching, the incumbent government is busy cleaning up the many cases of corruption. So, Imran Khan has ordered his party leaders to Sialkot and the ground to make sure that there is no violence.

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