Football agents are usually regarded as super agents, but there is one such super agent in the world who has earned his stripes in a different arena. Carmine Raiola is known as Super Agent Mino Raiola. He, is a Dutch-Italian, is credited with representing many famous players, including Zlatan Ibrahimovi and Paul Pogba. But what made him so special? And how can you become one yourself?

Mino Raiola was a football agent

Carmine Raiola was a Dutch-Italian football agent who represented a variety of high-profile players. These included Zlatan Ibrahimovi, Paul Pogba, and Pavel Nedvd. His legacy is still highly regarded and he continues to work in the industry today. Read on to discover more about the man who made himself a household name in the industry. Here are some of his most famous clients:

Raiola first made his name in football when he signed up Pavel Nedved. He steadily built his reputation in world and Italian football. At the time, he was the world’s most famous football agent. However, his behaviour drew the ire of some soccer managers. He drew criticism after securing a world record transfer for Paul Pogba for Manchester United.

In his book How I Became a Football Agent, Zlatan Ibrahimovic tells how his relationship with Mino Raiola changed his life. He was playing for Ajax when he asked a journalist friend to recommend him a new agent. He was recommended Mino Raiola. The friendship continued, and Ibrahimovic soon switched agents with Mino. In fact, Raiola’s death has given rise to many new football agents.

He spoke seven languages

Before he became a football agent, Mino Raiola worked as a waiter in his family’s restaurant. He learned the Dutch language more quickly than his father did, and was able to communicate effectively with European clubs. Raiola’s natural ability to speak and understand multiple languages led him to pursue a career in law, as well as a number of other industries. Throughout his career, Raiola worked as a sports agent, and even played football for a local soccer team, HFC Haarlem.

Before he was an agent, Mino Raiola worked as a waiter in his father’s pizza business in Haarlem, Netherlands. His family emigrated from southern Italy to the Netherlands when he was a young boy. Super agent Mino Raiola began working in a pizzeria and quickly learned how to handle customers. Raiola’s father recognized his talent for business, and put him in charge of the restaurant’s finances and negotiating contracts with suppliers for the freshest tomatoes and mozzarella. He worked his way through school, and even attended the University of Amsterdam for two years. By the age of 19, he had become a millionaire.

He was a genius

Throughout his career, Super agent Mino Raiola has been considered a genius in marketing football. As a result of his work, talented footballers such as David Beckham, Ibrahimovic, and Gareth Bale have become expensive commodities and pastimes of the sheikhs. And the players themselves have never stood still. Their burgeoning fame has made them a target for bigger clubs, who would then undercut their contracts and negotiate better renewals. In fact, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Raiola’s personal fortune is currently $ 50 million.

Mino Raiola was an agent who represented some of the world’s most famous players, including Paul Pogba and Erling Haaland. His hardball negotiating style caused fear among clubs, but his reputation in the sport is undeniable. His legacy is a storied one, as he was the man responsible for the careers of a handful of players, including Haaland and Pogba.

He was a super agent

Super agent Mino Raiola has been credited with signing some of the world’s most famous football stars, including Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He has also brokenred some of the largest transfers in football, including six deals involving Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Previously, Raiola worked as a restaurant worker in Naples, but his vast client list made him one of the most influential figures in the world.

Italian media reported that the world-famous soccer agent died on April 28, 2022. Fake news spread like wildfire around the world after Raiola’s death was announced. The Italian tv news channel TgLa7 broke the story and all the big media in Italy quickly confirmed it. This news has since been debunked. Raiola’s death is not the only case of fake news about Super agent Mino Raiola.

Raiola was born in Nocera Inferiore, southern Italy, but was raised in Haarlem, Netherlands, where his parents had a pizzeria. As a teenager, he began working at the pizzeria and was soon making a name for himself as an agent. Despite his humble beginnings, Raiola became a powerhouse in football by sealing the deal for Pavel Nedved.

His clients include Paul Pogba

the clients of Super agent Mino Raiola include some of the biggest names in world football, including Paul Pogba who signed for Manchester United for a world record PS89million this summer. Other top names on Raiola’s client list include Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mario Balotelli and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. During this summer’s transfer window, Raiola brokered more than PS30 million worth of deals. And with players wanted by some of the world’s top clubs, this is a good sign for Super agent Mino Raiola.

Super agent Mino Raiola is a well-known football agent with over 70 clients. His clients include Paul Pogba of Manchester United, Erling Haaland of Dortmund, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic of AC Milan. With the success of his clients, Raiola has been named one of the world’s top agents. As a result, Raiola’s work has helped facilitate some of the most high-profile transfers in football’s history.

The world’s most powerful agent will be crowned in 2020 by the World Football Association, as Raiola represents 75 of the world’s best players. In addition to Paul Pogba, clients of Super agent Mino Raiola include Marco Verratti, Gianluigi Donnarumma, and Donyell Malen. Erling Haaland is reportedly the frontrunner for a move to FC Barcelona, but Joao Felix could be the top choice for the midfielder.

He threatened legal action against FIFA

An unskilled laborer from Bangladesh who worked for the World Cup in Qatar has taken legal action against FIFA and the organizing body. He claims that he was unfairly dismissed and that he is now in debt in his home country after being sacked. The trade union FNV, which represents 1.1 million workers in the Netherlands, is demanding that FIFA pay Alam and to implement labor reforms for men working on World Cup-related projects in Qatar.

In September, FIFA announced a cap on the amount that agents can charge for international transfers. The cap restricts agents of selling clubs to only ten percent of the transfer fee and buyers to three percent of the player’s fee. FIFA claims that commissions paid to agents for international transfers reached a record $653 million in 2016, four times higher than the previous year. But agents at the AFA meeting were in no mood to accept the new cap, saying it will lead to higher costs for players.

He had a huge client base

The Italian football Super agent Mino Raiola had a massive client list that included some of the world’s most expensive soccer players. According to Forbes, he earned around $653 million in 2019. While most football agents make more money per deal than their counterparts, Super agent Mino Raiola was able to make a considerable amount of money for himself. His clients included players such as Paul Pogba, Marco Verratti, and Lorenzo Insigne. However, despite the large amount of money earned, Raiola’s client list was a nightmare for current clubs, which is why it was a scandal to come out about the agent.

Mino Raiola’s client list is arguably the biggest in football. In fact, the agent has a net worth of PS62 million, and has handled contracts worth over PS624 million. He has 77 clients, and has a wealth of knowledge about sports. Super agent Mino Raiola is also known for defending his clients. In 2016, Paul Pogba was publicly criticized by former Manchester United player Paul Scholes. In 2016, Super agent Mino Raiola and his firm secured a huge fee for the player.

He was a highly recognisable figure

As a highly successful football agent, Mino Raiola was often regarded as the most successful in the world. While his client list swelled despite his notoriety, some questioned whether his death would result in the loss of some of his most talented players. One agent, who requested anonymity, said that Raiola would be mourned by his clients but his absence would not have a negative impact on his business.

Life of Super agent Mino Raiola was largely shrouded in mystery, but the recent death of his agent-partner Pimenta has sparked false rumours on social media. Despite the scandal surrounding Super agent Mino Raiola, some players may give Pimenta time to gain their trust and devotion. Although Pimenta is not as famous as Raiola, sources close to his agency say that she has the respect of many players and will be able to attract the top-level talent in the world.

In his time as a Super agent Mino Raiola, he was also one of the wealthiest agents in the world. He earned enormous commissions, averaging one million euros for each deal he facilitated. One such deal, Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United, cost Raiola 105 million euros. While this is a huge amount of money, it has been proven that a successful transfer for a player can increase their value dramatically.

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